Smart materials for greenhouses

Projectnummer: KV1604 -037
Thema: High Tech & Digitale Transformatie
Looptijd: 2017- 2020                   
Budget publiek: € - 
Budget privaat:  € - 
Projectleider: Silke Hemming /
Kennisinstelling: Wageningen UR Glastuinbouw

The demand for vegetables and fruits worldwide is increasing. Vegetables and fruits for fresh consumptions are produced in protected cultivation. With increasing affluence, the area of protected cultivation in the world is increasing, leading to increased demand for fresh, high-quality vegetables, without chemical residues. Protected cultivation in greenhouses makes this possible by capturing the sun’s energy to raise inside temperatur.

There is a great need and a huge potential for the development and application of “smart” or “adaptable” cover materials that would make it possible to control the quantity, spectral composition and geometrical distribution of solar radiation entering the greenhouse.

This program will benefit from a two pronged approach: the adaptation of existing knowledge and materials to solve horticultural challenges, but also new higher-risk/higher reward research to solve these challenges. The focus is this program is on fundamental research for new smart material development as on industrial research of modification of existing materials and implementing adapted materials in greenhouse production systems. Short-term product screening and testing is combined with mid-term material adaptation and long-term fundamental new smart material development. 

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