Re-booting potato; enhancing the breeding of hybrid diploid potato using statistical genetics and computer simulations

Projectnummer: TU18155
Thema:  Duurzame Plantaardige Productie
Looptijd: -
Budget publiek: € 160.000
Budget privaat:  € 439.000 
Projectleider: Fred van Eeuwijk /
Kennisinstelling: Wageningen University & Research

The proposed research project consist of four main objectives: characterize the organization of diploid potato genetic diversity and provide insights into the possible consolidation of heterotic groups; develop new methodology to perform genetic mapping directly, using data routinely generated within breeding programs; integrate newly generated information of the genetic architecture of relevant traits to simulate and compare different breeding scenarios; generate a pipeline to support the most efficient decision-making process in the breeding programs to improve targeted traits and  to deliver better and more resilient varieties.