Novel genetic and genomic tools for polyploid crops

Projectnummer: KV 1605-020
Thema: Duurzame Plantaardige Productie
Looptijd: 2017- 2018                    
Budget publiek: € -
Budget privaat:  € -
Projectleider: Aike Post / e-mail:
Kennisinstelling: Wageningen UR Plant Breeding

Genetic and genomic tools for polyploids are lagging behind diploid crops, because of their genetic complexity. This project aims to provide such tools, building on up-to-date tools for mapping and QTL analysis in tetraploids as developed in our earlier successful TKI-U project 263, to now include higher ploidy levels and additional types of inheritance,introduce haplotype-based approaches and the use of pedigree information, and the development of advanced QTL mapping software to deal with genetically complex traits.

The methods and tools developed will be validated using datasets generated for various polyploid crops, produced in crop-oriented parts of this project, including field crops, fruits and ornamentals, in which the partners have an interest. Some pilot datasets for this validation are currently being developed in TKI 263 or by private partners (e.g.potato, leek, strawberry). Where necessary, simulation studies will be used for validation as well.

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