New Tools for Doubled-Haploid Induction via Gynogenesis

Projectnummer: TU17009 (KV 1605-044)
Thema: Duurzame Plantaardige Productie          
Looptijd: 2018-2023                    
Budget publiek: € 700.000
Budget privaat:  € 300.000
Projectleider:   Kim Boutilier /
Kennisinstelling: Wageningen Plant Research

The production of true-breeding lines through doubled-haploid production is an important tool in crop breeding, but one that is limited by the inherent recalcitrance of different species and genotypes for this process. The project will use a three-pronged approach to understand and induce doubled-haploid production from female reproductive organs (gynogenesis) in tomato: 

  1.  We will examine the involvement of major plant hormones in driving the transition from the egg cell to the fertilized zygote. 
  2. Chemical screens will be performed to identify small molecule enhancers of gynogenesis
  3. We will ectopically express embryo-identity transcription factors in the egg cell to induce gynogenesis. 

The project aims to use knowledge from sexual embryo initiation and the processes affected by gynogenesis-inducing compounds as a framework to identify global pathways that underlie gynogenesis in plants. This knowledge, together with the specific compounds and proteins identified in the screens, will provide a solid starting point to develop efficient germplasmindependent protocols for DH production via gynogenesis in tomato. 

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