A new method for potato breeding: the "Fixation-Restitution" approach

Projectnummer: TU18075
Thema:  Duurzame Plantaardige Productie
Looptijd: -
Budget publiek: € 852.000
Budget privaat: € 832.000
Herman van Eck / herman.vaneck@wur.nl
Kennisinstelling: Teagasc, Wageningen University and Research, Aalborg University

This project proposes a new breeding system, called “Fixation-Restitution Breeding”, that allows for a predictable accumulation and subsequent fixation of biotic and abiotic resistances with yield and quality traits. Fixation and pyramiding of biotic and abiotic stress resistance, in combination with yield, nutritional value and quality, will facilitate SME breeding companies to develop potato varieties with a sustainability profile, impossible to achieve using current methods