Methodiekontwikkeling milieu-footprint tuinbouwproducten

Projectnummer: TKI TU 17005
Thema: Consument, Markt & Maatschappij
Looptijd: 2018 - 2021
Budget publiek: € 707.500
Budget privaat: € 592.500
Projectleider: Irina Verweij-Novikova / 
Wageningen Econmic Research

In recent years, a large number of organisations, together with the European Commission, have gained experience with developing a European standard for the environmental footprint of specific product categories, such as paints, detergents, leather, dairy, pasta, beer, etc. (a total of 24 product categories). These experiences have also resulted in specific guidance for developing product category specific methodologies. There is no standard methodology in the horticultural sector yet. Calculation tools exist, but as these are based on out-dated or non-standardized methodologies, they cannot be used for benchmarking. Therefore, there is a need for a widely supported method that enables clear communication about a horticultural product’s environmental footprint. 
Therefore, Royal FloraHolland, GroentenFruit Huis and Wageningen Economic Research have initiated a project to align with the European developments, with involvement of prominent parties in the field. The aim of the collaboration is the creation of a uniform standard for the environmental footprint of horticultural products, accepted by the chain partners. The project partners strive for international acceptance of the methodology.  

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