Lasting Beauty/SciFi

Projectnummer: TU18003
Thema:  Duurzame Plantaardige Productie
Looptijd: 2019 -2022
Budget publiek: € 488.800
Budget privaat: € 488.800
Projectleider: Frans Krens & Nelleke Kreike - /
Kennisinstelling: Wageningen U&R, Plant Breeding, Hogeschool Amsterdam

The awareness of the environmental impact of the large-scale production of ornamental crops has increased tremendously. This has led to the desire to reduce the use of chemical crop protectants in cultivation as well as to breed for more robust and resilient ornamental crops with an improved ability of dealing with (a)biotic stresses. This project will produce mutants of carnation, in which MEDIATOR-type S-genes have been knocked out by CRISPR/Cas-induced targeted mutations in order to reduce susceptibility to various forms of biotic stress in tulip and alstroemeria.

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