HeatYield - stabilising crop yield in a warming world

Projectnummer: TU18140
Thema:  Duurzame Plantaardige Productie
2019 - 2023
Budget publiek: € 400.000
Budget privaat:  € 400.000
Projectleider: Ivo Rieu / i.rieu@science.ru.nl
Radboud University, Wageningen Plant Research

Taking tomato as the model crop, the aim of this project is to generate the tools and knowledge that enable maintenance of crop yield under high temperature in the field. Developed methods and generated valuable genetic and physiological insight on reproductive heat responses under controlled conditions will be combined with improvements in tolerance levels of  germplasm through decades of selective breeding in the field. This will allow evaluating in detail recombinant populations from the best available elite germplasm, at large scale and high replication, in multiple field environments, supported by cutting-edge statistical modelling.

Bekijk hier de voortgangsrapportage 2019 van HeatYield - stabilising crop yield in a warming world.