Blockchain: Automated Compliance in Agrifood Chains through Blockchain

Projectnummer: TU18125
Thema:  High Tech & Digitale Transformatie
2019 - 2021
Budget publiek: € 750.000
Budget privaat: € 795.000
Projectleider: Lan van Wassenaer /
Kennisinstelling: Wageningen Universoty & Research, FBR, TNO

This project aims to support automated compliance monitoring through blockchain-enabled digital solutions. In particular, it seeks to address the technological (architecture and interoperability) and organisational challenges (business models and governance) in: 1) data definition, acquisition, verification and sharing; 2) automated monitoring of compliance to legislation and certification, including business confidentiality/GDPR; 3) automated compliance checks during transactions, potentially using smart contracts to ensure automatic compliance to legislation and certification rules.

Bekijk hier de voortgangsrapportage 2019 van Blockchain: Automated Compliance in Agrifood Chains through Blockchain.